Engaging Discussions during the Closing the Gap event – Sept 2016

Did you know you had to take into account four ‘gaps’ in your service model? That service orientation is one of the most important, but very difficult KPI to measure in the service industry? And that some of our participants are already experimenting Internet of Things? Download below the presentation of prof. Deva Rangajaran about “Closing The Gap in field service quality”       “the only judge of service […]

Odyssee Field Service Event 2016


Top 10 Interview Questions to ask a Field Service Technician

Looking for new talent? A technician is always going to come with a good dose of technical know-how. But this isn’t all you’re looking for. Every time they visit a client, your technicians act as the frontline salespeople and ambassadors for your company. Which is exactly why you need to know how service-oriented your future technician actually is. We make this easy to gauge with 10 revealing questions: If you […]

Infographic: Benefits of using an App for your field service team

How a software can help your field service team to increase the productivity, customer satisfaction, administration performance and more.. What a field service software can do for your company? Odyssee Software helps service companies to better manage their customers, installations, for an easy planning and scheduling of the jobs and technicians. Check what customers think about our app. The Benefits Invoice time – 85%  easier Digital invoicing is automatic. You don’t need any more paperwork. It improves […]

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8 Essentials Field Service Benchmarks

8 Essentials Field Service Benchmarks

Infographic   Find those things to watch out for in 2016. The infographic has the right answers about revenue, investment, growing in Field Service. Related posts: BAM Techniek – Customer Success Story Is Field Service Software useful for your company? Infographic: Benefits of using an App for your field service team Field Service Management Software New Software Release: Work Orders & Timesheets

Is Field Service Software useful for your company?

Related posts: BAM Techniek – Customer Success Story 8 Essentials Field Service Benchmarks Infographic: Benefits of using an App for your field service team Field Service Software which makes life easier for your technicians Optimize Field Service with Automated Scheduling and Dispatch

How Useful a Field Service Software can be for your Business!


How a Work Order Software Can Help Your Business

Paperwork is a thing of the past!   A Work Order Software can help your day to day business operations, its ultimate goal being to help grow your organization. This cloud-based solution is needed to perform effectively your field services, while also incurring in a minimal investment cost in the end. The possibilities with the implementation of a Work Order Software are simply never-ending.       Plan Ahead Effectively […]

Is Field Service Management software useful for your company?

    Is Field Service Management software useful for your company?   Field Service Management software allows Maintenance, Contracting, HVAC and Inspection companies to optimize their field service teams. The speed and quality with which you can react to customer requests helps to improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers. Fulfilling the agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) makes all the difference.   Scheduling & planning increase productivity   Your Field Service […]

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Inspection and Safety checks

“Digital inspection gives you more efficiency”   Your company is specialised in inspection, quality and safety. Therefore your team gathers information every day and centralises it uniformly until it is processed into clear reports. Your company, technological capacity, methods and sources are at the basis of the quality and consistency of your results.   Carry out inspections and still keep it manageable: the Digital Inspection Solution   Your services are […]

Field Service Software for Installation & Maintenance, HVAC, Pool & Spa

  An optimal service gives a perfect impression of your installation company and ensures that your customers are satisfied. Maintenance management software and scheduled work orders can make a difference in the maintenance, repair and technical management of installations. To keep up with your competitors, your service and maintenance team have to deliver good results faster than before. This requires efficient maintenance management software with integrated scheduling.   Manage water […]

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  The Odyssee Mobile solutions come in different version and are scalable and suitable for both small and large companies. Every company is different and has different needs. Therefore our Mobile Field Solutions are available for different industries, including yours, and available for large and small, so also for you. For which industry are you looking for a mobile solution?   Installation & Maintenance – HVAC – Pool & Spa […]